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Bakersfield Real Estate Photography Pricing

Exterior and Interior Images

Our images are created using multiple flash and ambient images layered and hand blended together by our team of editors.  This allows us to properly recreate the scene as our eyes see it and ensure that both bright and dark parts of the image are visible. Each photo order comes with a complimentary virtual twilight image.



Up to 1800 Sq Ft // $140

1,800-2,300 Sq Ft // $160

2,300-2,800 Sq Ft // $180

2,800-3,300 Sq Ft // $200

3,300-3,800 Sq Ft // $220

3,800-4,300 Sq Ft // $240

Aerial Photography

  • 5 Images from an aerial perspective.

  • FAA Part 107 Licensed and certified pilot.

  • Best way to show surrounding area and neighborhood.

Price: $40 as an Add-on

Twilight Photography

2-3 exterior images during twilight time which is the 15 minutes or so directly after the sun falls behind the horizon.  The pictures that are created are stunning and really set your listings apart from the competition.

Price: $80 as an Add-on

Real Estate Video

  • Great for sharing on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Also includes drone video.

  • Gives the feeling of moving through the home and helps showcase the property

Price: $250 as an Add-on

Zillow 3D Tour

  • Help buyers visualize themselves in the home.

  • More exposure for your listings. Favored by Zillow in search results.

  • 3D badge on search menu to alert potential buyers.

Price: $60 as an Add-on

Floor Plan

  • Shows the layout of the property so potential buyers can visualize it.

  • Shows approximate sizes of each room.

  • Can prevent unneeded foot traffic.

Price: $75 as an Add-on
2607BagwellCT-Floorplan with dimensions.

Virtual Staging

  • Allow potential buyer to visualize living in the space.

  • extra security for homes that are targeted for break-ins.

  • Package of 5 images

Price: $150 as an Add-on
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